Relationship Problem

Relationships are crucial in an individual’s life. A person’s life is interwoven in a complex web of relationships. Any damage to this delicate structure would result in immense sorrow and hardship. Improper compatibility leads to misunderstandings between two people. A disturbed relationship causes mental agony and trauma in the mind of the persons involved. Marriage tops the list of strained relationships. According to an Astrologer in Belgaum, Relationships are affected due to many reasons. Prominent among them are lack of trust between partners, differences in opinions, no time to spend with each other, Unemployment, addiction to vices, and the stress and anxiety associated with the daily chores of life. Many lives are spoiled due to alcohol abuse. Of course, financial problems are also not ruled out.

In astrology, according to the famous Astrologer in Belgaum, the sun symbolizes the father or the head of the family. The moon symbolizes the mother. Sometimes planets in a negative influence occur in mahadasha in the horoscope of a person and immediately there are bound to be disturbances in the married life. It can also be that a negative effect of planets can make a person behave abnormally and cause rifts among couples. The study of the natal chart is essential to know the conjunction of different planets in a person’s life. The 1st house and its position of any malefic planet will determine the success of any relationship so consult an astrologer in Mumbai, Shree Guru Dattatraya Swamy Astrologer.

The experts at Shree Guru Dattatraya Swamy Astrologer study and analyze the natal charts of both the persons concerned thoroughly. Later on, perfect astrological guidance is offered. There are several instances of contented and happy clients who are leading normal lives after consulting the experts at Shree Guru Dattatraya Swamy Astrology.

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